How I earned $25,000 with my Steemit blog in only 16 months – Chapter #1


‘How to make money blogging?’ is one of the most popular questions among today’s content creators.

A positive trend has arised lately. While content was mostly traded as a free consumer good a couple of years back, now its value is recognized more and more. Bloggers start being rewarded for their creative work, and unique content is becoming a valuable and tradeable product.

With the development of blockchains and the tokenization of digital environments the ideological trend has also found its perfect technological basis. Suddenly the activity of content creators and their consumers (curators) is melt to one autonomous and self-reinforcing eco-system.

Tokenized networks where value is given back to those who create value are definitely THE future trend in today’s attention economy.

In one of these networks I’ve successfully monetized my content and earned more than $25,000 USD in only 16 months so far.

I started literally from zero in July 2016. The whole world of blogging was completely new to me, even though I had been a storyteller ever since. A friend of mine introduced me to the network of where I quickly discovered my real passion for writing.

In retrospect one of the key drivers to success was to establish a solid brand first and then build the whole commuication on top. – @surfermarly


I’ve always followed the ‘all or nothing strategy’.

In one of my very first vlogs I published about half a year ago, I revealed that I don’t publish any piece of content before being 100% convinced about its quality.

That’s been my alltime strategy ever since, and today I can prove that it works. The pareto principle – also known as the 80/20 rule – according to which 80% output can be reached by only 20% of input, didn’t apply to me here.

I gave 150% without no exception.

The single most important rule in content creation is that YOU are completely convinced about your product. If you can’t identify with your doings, your audience won’t be able to do it either. – @surfermarly

Followers are merciless for a reason. If you steal their time, they will keep away and spend their attention somewhere else. 

Attention is the most demanded – thus the most valuable – currency of our time.

Those bloggers who want to stand out and get a piece of the attention cake, need to deliver extraordinary content. Content is king! Everybody who’d try to sell you a different story doesn’t know anything about the market.

If your story wasn’t unique, there would be no need to consume it and people would go somewhere else to fulfill their need.

Ask yourself why people should visit your blog. If you can’t answer this question within 30 seconds, you need to adjust your product. 


Content needs to provide solutions to real problems.

People search information on the internet, because they need a problem to be solved. Problems can be both rationally and emotionally triggered: while some users look for information and knowledge, others aim to be entertained or amused.

The idea is to define a specific target group you want to satisfy with your blog and then start producing the content that matches with the demand of that specific group. You can’t ever be a jack-of-all-trades and serve the whole internet community.

It’s about discovering and penetrating your niche until perfection, which means that you have to develop skills in many areas. Content creation is not only about shooting some fancy pictures with your smartphone and then uploading them to some webspace.

Blogging is art and science at the same time.

Influence marketing is art and science. The art is crafting and creation of content that adds value to people’s lives, personally or for their business. The science is the tactics and tools of building tribes and followes on the big social networks. – Jeff Bullas

In this new series I will reveal some of my blogging secrets and how I professionalized the art and science of influence marketing.

For now I thank you very much for your attention.
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