Salt in the air and sand in my hair

You can shake the sand from your hair, but it will never leave your soul.


There is this saying that it doesn’t matter where you go in life as long as you go to the beach.

I would sign that right away.

Life has so much quality the closer you get to the Ocean.

When I changed my “city life” for a “surfer life” four years ago, this was exactly what I wanted: health-related quality of life.

I wanted the beach to become my second home.

Since then I haven’t even come down with a cold. My immune system is stronger than ever, I feel extraordinarily powerful and am constantly in a splendid mood.

The fact that I spend most of my time outside in the nature has considerably improved my state of health.

Mother Ocean is an energy booster!

Father Earth, too.

My new home, the Canary Islands, are well-known for providing an especially favorable climate. Many people with chronical diseases, for instance, choose this destination as their home base to improve their healing process.

Yes, I’m living in paradise in every sense.

Moving to this place has definitely been the very best decision of my life, and I can only recommend it to everybody.

We are our choices.

Assure you’re making the right ones. We only live once.

surfermarly –


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